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SimpleCS README.txt file English Version SimpleCS is an OpenSource easy-to-use programs suite, protected by a password. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) How to use it When you run ALTOS.8xp for the first time, the ERR:DEFINED message will appear. You will need to run PARAMS.8xp to enter your name and the password you want to use. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2) Key Help F1: Locks the program. The screen will be cleared, so that a teacher cannot see which program you were running, and eventually what you were doing on your calculator. F3: Key Help. F5: Exit. This will erase all the variables used while running ALTOS.8xp (only in 0.5 and 1.0RC versions). The newer versions will not erase automatically the variables, it will be possible only in PARAMS.8xp. MATHS: runs the MATHS sub-program. APPS: runs the OTHERS sub-program. PRGM: goes back to the Main Menu. MODE: runs PARAMS.8xp. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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