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Red Eclipse 1.2 Changelog Gameplay: * Powerjump removed, replaced with "impulse launch", use by jumping whilst "impulse sliding" * Impulse moves now disregard cost and scale depending on available energy * Special melee actions now require an impulse move beforehand * Plasma primary damage increased * Plasma secondary fire travels faster if charged for a short time * Flamer primary & burn damage reduced * SMG rate of fire decreased * Sticky grenade can now stick to player * Zoomlock disabled for rifle * Added weapon stun effect which impedes movement for a certain time * Made the carrier of the flag/bomb move slower * New "buff" system for flag/goal defenders: increases regeneration, damage, and shielding Audio & Visuals: * Ingame music * New sounds for pistol, SMG, grenade, sword, player death, hit/bleed, etc. * HUD revamp * View bobbing * New font "Play", extended character support * Female variation of player model (set in profile) * Added visible counter and warning for imminent explosion in Bomber ball * New 'radarstyle' option displaying absolute positions Maps: * Ares, new map * Cargo, new map * Colony, new map * Isolation, new map * Purge, new time trial map * Dutility, revamped * Tower, re-added and revamped * Error, added AI waypoints Modes & Mutators: * League mutator removed * Instagib-vampire combination disabled * Multi-team mutator re-added * Jetpack mutator re-added * 'instagibfilter' variable: disallow certain mutators combining with instagib Modding: * New map editing menu, available via [F3] * Editing mode has been made more obvious to the user * cube2font tool for generating game fonts, including documentation * Ability to add a second cloudlayer with the envlayer command * Ability to specify bitwise modes and mutators on entities that check them Misc: * AI waypoints separated out from ents, overall major AI improvements * Split apart kick and ban commands so users can be removed without a ban * Copyright cleanup, new trademark policy * *roff manpages for *nix systems * system-install make target for packaging convenience Additional Fixed Bugs: * #8 AI performance issues * #30 Use RE_DIR=$(dirname $0) in launch script * #31 Changing weapon name breaks the entry in Variables GUI * #32 Floating/Infinite Flight Bug * #33 random weapon selection in arena not working * #35 /firstpersondist (exploit) * #37 Player color (skew towards team color) * #38 Tweaking hit sounds for shotgun/flak bleed * #39 teampersist crashes server * #40 dedicated server demo recording is broken * #42 Plasma Blue-Ball-of-Death sticking to Ragdoll * #43 Create lower poly weapon models for item and vwep version * #44 Entity Radius Broken in Edit Mode * #47 Create "botoffset" variable to replace INSERT/DELETE behaviour * #50 Use "aiclip" on common areas where bots can't travel * #53 can't drop flag in ctf-protect * #60 Live Support does not work correctly * #65 Clicking the Red Eclipse icon on map selection without selecting a map produces an error message * #66 Winning a conquer defend-the-flag match yields an insanely high score * #69 Edit mode segfault * #70 Temporarily missing sound for Flamer primary fire after reload * #74 better Link line colors * #81 Killing the opponent team in Survivor CTF/BB does not yield you a point
Source: README, updated 2012-01-24