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========================= Getting to Know Pypeline ========================= A Brief History ---------------- There are a wide variety of plain text-based syntaxes for generating documentation, including HTML. GitHub's Markup [http://github.com/github/markup/] library provides a way to handle all of these formats in an easily-extensible manner. Pypeline provides the same functionality in a native Python library. Installing Pypeline -------------------- In order to install Pypeline, you simply use setuptools/Distribute's easy_install command. (We recommend using a virtualenv [http://pypi.python.org/pypi/virtualenv] for development.) $ virtualenv pypeline_env $ source pypeline_env/bin/activate (pypeline_env)$ easy_install -UZ pypeline Getting Started ---------------- Out of the box Pypeline supports the following markups: * Markdown * Textile * ReST * Creole * Plain text To get started with these: >>> from pypeline.markup import markup >>> markup.render('foo.txt')
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