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ptkdb readme 1.233 ptkdb version 1.233 implements some changes based on the experience of testing perl scripts with ptkdb 1.232 . - find/search process upgraded: - find direction is now used correctly, - new button 'Exact' on the search window, - persistent drop down list for find Dialog, - TODO: synch search window and 'find'-dialog (idle callback after find), - TODO: synch search window and 'goto line'-dialog (idle callback after find). - goto line dialog upgrade - persistent drop down list. - bind <3> colliding with find-function : - bind to step-in/over or return to sub has been limited, to the source window, - popup menu on source window suppressed. - ballons on source window show the name of the extracted and evaluated variable - proximity window - parser has been enhanced in order to recognize variables more precisely. - options file .ptkdbrc - register_user_restart_entry accepts now a string and evaluates it correctly. - restart process - command arglist may be changed at restart time. - handling of Font options - get options from ENV, - apply options correctly, - enlarge or reduce size of current font on the source window and pn the expression eval windows - new menu items /data/Zoom+ and Data/Zoom-, - new tools on the source windows 'Zoom+' and 'Zoom-'. - Status of the session - new background color (lightgreen) for 'ready' state, lightred for all state. - DB trace - the breakpoint trace get automatically refreshed when it is deiconified by means of the menu item <data/Breakpoint trace>. This doesn't (yet) happens when the user deiconify the windows through the windows-system menu. - warnings suppressed - some minor bugs fixed - code has been upgraded in order to avoid Perl and/or Perl/Tk warnings Last but not least, feel free to send me a brief description at mmarazzi@users.sourceforge.net if you have any question, problem or even an interesting experience about ptkdb. Looking forward to your feedback! 05.11.2013 Marco M., Zurich Switzerland ------------------------------------------------------------------
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