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Pop (http://www.popframework.net) is a J2EE framework that can help you to build the presentation layer of a web application with many amazing features shown in below: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) A Java object can be used to represent the model of a JSP page (or 'page' in short). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2) A hyperlink from one page to another page is represented by object reference other than a URL. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3) Navigation rule is unnecessary. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4) Parameters can be transfered from one page to another page by method invocation over models, directly. No ServletRequest and HttpSession needed, no attribute list needed, no object casting needed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5) Multiple views/pages for a single model is allowed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6) The relationships among pages and models are loosly-coupled at all. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7) Session data can be stored in client-side. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8) Pop can help you to build light-weighted servers. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9) Pop can help you to build load-balancing system which is scalable and dynamic, so that your client can save huge plenty of investment on software and hardware. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more detail about how to use Pop, please refer to the ReadMe.html in the zip file, or visit http://www.popframework.net.
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