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*********************************************************************** Readme for "PHP QR Code Class" *********************************************************************** Licensed under GPLv3, full text at http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.txt Files: qrcode.php --- Main Class File with Comments console.php --- Sample console-output shell Requirements: PHP 5.0+ Optional: GD for image output ICONV for Shift_JIS and JIS8 conversion Purpose: A native-PHP class for producing QR Codes, fully-implemented (except for structured append). Only 20KiB when minified. Usage: $a = new QR(sample text,[ecc level]); //Image Output either header('Content-Type: image/gif');echo $a->image([magnification]); or file_put_contents([filename],$a->image([magnification]); //Text Output either echo $a->text(true);//Console (white on black) or echo $a->text(false);//Document (black on white) Notes: Text-detecting proceeds according to the specification, either all- numeric, alphanumeric ([A-Z0-9 $%*+-./:]), byte-mode, or two-byte Kanji. Byte-mode text should be encoded as JIS8 (notably forward- slash will appear as the Yen symbol). Kanji text must be encoded as Shift_JIS (and will be validated). Speed & Size: Several speed (and size) improvements are possible, including: * Remove text-detection code and other formats in prepare() * Remove unused masks and scoring code in mask() * Remove either image() or text()
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