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Tickets MDB is a Web based, Open Source Personnel / Membership Database, mainly aimed at voluntary organisations but applicable to any operation that needs to register member details and also has the additional need to store member training records, abilities, equipment, vehicles and clothing. Tickets MDB is based on the hugely successful TicketsCAD application and allows integration to that platform for sharing of information with Tickets CAD as an operational dispatch system - however Tickets MDB does not require Tickets CAD to function and is a stand-alone application in its own right. Tickets MDB supports mapping of personnel locations using Open Streetmap and Open Layers and allows local storage of map images/tiles so that Tickets MDB can work in a non-network environment with the exception of email to members which will require a network connection. Tickets MDB will work in the majority of web server environments but requires as a minimum PHP 5 and MYSQL 5, the install routine will check the environment and provide alerts if there are dependencies not provided. Tickets MDB offers the following main functions. 1. Unlimited Member records. 2. Training Packages, Equipment and Clothing Items, Vehicles and basic capabilities which can be assigned to members. 3. Timed allocation of vehicles - vehicles allocated by time will only show in the member records during the timeframe allocated. 4. Upload of Members, Training Packages, Equipment and Clothing from a CSV file - customised field matching is provided to allow maximum flexibility. 5. Database Search functionality. 6. Full sorting capabilities for lists. 7. Lining to Tickets CAD for data sharing. 8. Export of Member data via XML. A user manual is also available as well as support through the Tickets CAD user Group.
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