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OpenEMM-2013-JARs.tar.gz 2013-01-22 26.9 MB 55 weekly downloads
OpenEMM 2013 was released on January 23rd, 2013. Please subscribe to Twitter-Account "openemm" to get notifications when new bug fixes for OpenEMM become available. A bug is fixed by applying the instructions described below. Usually this means editing the file containing the buggy code or replacing an existing file by a new file with the revised code from this SourceForge directory. Of course, for class files we also provide the source code files in case you want to build the software by yourself. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS ==================== BEFORE you replace or edit files you have to STOP OpenEMM first with $> su - openemm $> stop $> exit AFTER replacing or editing the file(s) you have to RESTART OpenEMM with $> su - openemm $> start $> exit This procedure is NOT necessary IF the description of a bug fix is amended by "No restart required." PATCH INSTRUCTIONS for OpenEMM 2013 =================================== Bug #01: The embedded HTML editor does not launch Fix #01: Open file in directory /home/openemm/webapps/openemm/WEB-INF/classes, search for property "fckpath" and set it like this fckpath=fckeditor-2.6.6 No restart required. Bug #02: After update to OpenEMM 2013 buttons are missing to edit target groups Fix #02: The Target Groups menu got more permissions. Check the permissions of your user and click the checkboxes of the new permissions if required. No restart required. Bug #03: Methods AddMailing and UpdateMailing of Webservice API 2.0 do not work Fix #03: Open file applicationContext-dao.xml in directory /home/openemm/webapps/openemm-ws/WEB-INF and replace line <bean id="CompanyDao" class="org.agnitas.dao.impl.CompanyDaoImpl"/> with the following three lines: <bean id="CompanyDao" class="org.agnitas.dao.impl.CompanyDaoImpl"> <property name="sessionFactory" ref="sessionFactory" /> </bean> Bug #04: Custom profile fields can not be filled with times before 12:00:00 Fix #04: Replace file RecipientDaoImpl.class in directory /home/openemm/webapps/openemm/WEB-INF/classes/org/agnitas/dao/impl Bug #05: Your Action Scripts lead to error forms even if they should not Fix #05: Replace file ExecuteScript.class in directory /home/openemm/webapps/openemm/WEB-INF/classes/org/agnitas/actions/ops Bug #06: Method SendMailing of Webservice API 2.0 does not send mails Fix #06: Replace file applicationContext.xml in directory /home/openemm/webapps/openemm-ws/WEB-INF Bug #07: Numeric profile fields can not be edited in the recipient detail view Fix #07: Replace file recipient-view.jsp in directory /home/openemm/webapps/openemm/recipient No restart required. Bug #08: Method AddContentBlock of Webservice API 2.0 fails to include images Fix #08: Add file commons-codec-1.3.jar to directory /home/openemm/webapps/openemm-ws/WEB-INF/lib Bug #09: Recipient list shows error "Resource key ... not found in default bundle" Fix #09: Open file in directory /home/openemm/webapps/openemm/WEB-INF/classes and add at the end of the line error.errorneous_recipient_search=Your recipient search resulted in an error Bug #10: Menu "blacklist" does not work if permission to view recipients is missing Fix #10: Replace "" with "blacklist" in directory /home/openemm/webapps/openemm/WEB-INF/classes/navigation/ in files,, and (in the latter file only the second appearance) Bug #11: Extension "blacklist_wildcard_search" does not work Fix #11: Download the fixed version from folder Home/OpenEMM development/Plugins Bug #12: Legacy webservices 1.0 are vulnerable to SQL injections (discovered by Bryan Alexander) Fix #12: Replace file WebServiceBase.class in directory /home/openemm/webapps/openemm/WEB-INF/classes/org/agnitas/webservice If you use legacy webservices of OpenEMM we urge you to apply this patch! Bug #13: if you define a delivery time for a date-based mailing more than 3 hours in the future, the mails will not be sent Fix #13: Replace file MailingSendAction.class in directory /home/openemm/webapps/openemm/WEB-INF/classes/org/agnitas/web Bug #14: Blacklist import mode does not accept duplicates in the import file Fix #14: Replace file NewImportWizardServiceImpl.class in directory /home/openemm/webapps/openemm/WEB-INF/classes/org/agnitas/service/impl Replace file NewImportWizardServiceImpl$RootNode.class in directory /home/openemm/webapps/openemm/WEB-INF/classes/org/agnitas/service/impl (First, you have to replace "_" with "$" in the file name because SourceForge can not handle character "$" in file names.) Bug #15: Rule-based conversion of softbounces to hardbounces does not work Fix #15: Open file in directory /home/openemm/bin/scripts and replace "if cleanup:" with "elif cleanup:" in line 2014 and 2100 No restart required. No more bugfixes are available yet. But we have updates in neighbor directory "Updates".
Source: README.txt, updated 2013-10-14