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openAlerts requires a Linux computer for the Server and some type of programmable logic controller (PLC) for the Client Node. An alternative is a Linux single board computer (SBC) with general purpose input/output (GPIO).

Hardware requirements for the Server is minimal - 10MB disk space and TCP/IP communications. The processor and memory can be just about anything. openAlerts has tested successfully on a 200MHz ARM micro-processor with only 32MB RAM.

The following is a list of software requirements for the openAlerts Server:

  • Linux Operating System openAlerts has been developed on Linux. This does not mean it cannot be ported to other operating systems. When demand exists, other operating systems will be supported.
  • ANSI-C Compiler and Build System Make sure you have an ANSI-C compiler installed. The GNU C compiler (GCC) from the Free Software Foundation (FSF) is recommended. In addition, your PATH must contain basic build tools such as ''make''.
  • Perl Interpreter The Perl 5 interpreter is also required. Perl is free software and is licensed under both the Artistic License and the GNU General Public License. Distributions are available for most operating systems.
  • SMTP Server Access In order to send text and e-mail alerts an SMTP server must be available. The SMTP server can reside on the same computer as the Server or a different computer. It may also be an e-mail hosting service.
  • SQL Database openAlerts supports SQLite, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. SQLite is the default database. If you plan on using openAlerts in an environment other then an embedded application, you will need either MySQL or PostgreSQL.
  • Accurate Time Keeping Time-of-day is important for reporting and command execution. Programs normally used for this purpose are based on the Network Time Protocol (NTP). Your computer's internal clock should also be set to UTC time.

Requirements for the Client Nodes depends on the node. The node software may reside on the same computer as the Server, or a separate device. The only requirement is support for TCP/IP communications to the Server.

Additional requirement details can be found in the README file.

Source: README.creole, updated 2013-05-19