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Notification-tools are small tools that watch a file and then notify you when the file is modified. I have started to make programs that runs automatic via cron, but sometime they fail and generates errors in an error log file. Often when that happens I have moved on to new projects, so I don't see the error for a long time. So I made these programs that can watch a file for me and the notify me if the file change. Example: If you run an Apache server on you computer, you can watch the error log with 'notification-tail /var/log/apache2/error_log'. Now if the error log changes an icon will appear in the Notification Area. By clicking the icon a window will open that let you see the last lines in the error log file. These notification tool uses GTK+ and the gtk_status_icon function, and the inotify library for the file watching functionality. I have tried to make them ambient, modular and general. And the code contain a little mini framework, so making similar tool is very easy. Since I have keeped them general you can combine them with any program or script that writes to a file. Some information is better in visual form, that why there is a notification-view program, it will watch and display an image file. Example: Use a script that counts the daily visitors in the Apache access log and then append the number into a file. Then you can use gnuplot to make a plot of the data and write an image. Thereby giving you a daily update of your server traffic. Or you could make a daily plot over the value in you portfolio or the number of lines in you current project. As you see only your imagination is the limitation :-) Building: You build the tools by using 'make all' and that will build the 3 tools. You can use the --help-all option on the tools to get a description of the options and use
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