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2011-08-18 I started work on adding XML support for MUIBIlder, years ago before the QT for Amiga OS was available. Due to problems with the ZUNE for AROS, in my opinion porting code from a PC with Qt/Win and/or Qt/Linux to Qt/Amiga OS and back, will take less time than porting code between the Amiga Os with original MUI and AROS with ZUNE. For new projects I strongly recommend using the the QT for Amiga OS. I publish my work because it might be useful to someone. My patches allow you to save muibuilder projects in xml. The XML format reproduces exactly what is stored in binary files. There is no documentation for this XML format, but it is easy to read. GenC is my written from scratch code generator. 2013-06-12 AROS developers have made a big mistake by developing AROS x86 only. After a few years became clear that only intensive testing of software made for Amiga OS 3.0 may lead to the AROS will be compatible with Amiga OS 3.0. It's a shame that AROS developers realized this after fifteen years of developing the system. Over the last two years AROS developers have done more than the previous fifteen years. QT will be of course the best choice for a new project for the Amiga Os. A little less optimal but very good choice for a new project for the Amiga Os will be web interface. But if you really need to use the MUI, I recommend using a version of AROS 68k under WinUAE. At AROS 68k, you can use the original version of MUI from Amiga OS 3.0.
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