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Version 0.9.96 - 2011-09-02 =========================== - KDiff3FileItemActionPlugin : Context menu that also works in dolphin (for KDE>=4.6) - Parser for preprocessor commands. (Allows single apostrophs ') - On Windows if the preprocessor command is "sed" try to use a "bin\sed.exe" next to the kdiff3.exe, if available. - Warn if conversion errors appear (Invalid characters) - Fix crash on A/B-overview (infinite recursion) - Fix clearcase temp files not deleted problem on windows - KDiff3 plugin: When launching KDiff3 konqueror isn't blocked anymore - String corrections (Frederik Schwarzer) - Fixed writing to KIO. - OS2-Port (Patch by Silvan Scherrer) - Fixed problem where destination directory would be renamed or deleted during copy operation. Now if the destination directory exists only the files inside will be copied. - In merge: Separate lines where the automatic choice would be the same but for different reasons. - Fixed some problems with huge files in directory comparison mode (>2GB) (but direct comparison is still not possible) - Fixed documentation compile errors with KDE>=4.5 - Fixed white space merge default options - Fixed regexp test tool. - Exclude printing code if Qt was compiled without printing support. - For Windows: Fixed handling of unicode characters in command line parameters. - Improved "old mac" lineendstyle handling: Break lines. - Detect encoding specified in xml header or html "meta" tag. MD5 Sums: d49bf70982bc57a05f1d88951b2f11e2 KDiff3Setup_0.9.96.exe 46b96befddf3448a3cb673f018c6f6f9 kdiff3-0.9.96.tar.gz
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