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Gnuplot Version 4.6.6 (September 2014) Files: gnuplot-4.6.6.tar.gz source files for all operating systems announce.4.6.6 Release notes gnuplot.pdf User Manual Binary packages for Windows gp466-win32.zip windows binaries gcc-4.9.0 (MinGW-w64 32 bit dwarf) gp466-win32-setup.exe self-installer package of above gp466-win64.zip windows binaries gcc-4.9.0 (MinGW-w64 64 bit seh) gp466-win64-setup.exe self-installer package of above gp466-cygwin-x86.zip Cygwin x86 (32 bit) binaries prepared by gcc-4.8.3 gp466-cygwin-x86_64.zip Cygwin x86_64 (64 bit) binaries prepared by gcc-4.8.3 The is the last incremental update planned for gnuplot version 4.6. Release of version 5.0 is expected by the end of this year. Preliminary version 5 release candidates are available for testing. Version 5 Release Notes http://gnuplot.sourceforge.net/ReleaseNotes_5_0_rc2.html
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