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This is gawkextlib. It contains several shared library extension packages for gawk, as well as libgawkextlib containing some APIs that are useful for extension packages. These extension libraries require the use of gawk (GNU Awk) version 4.1.1 or later, except for the select extension, which is currently supported only by the gawk master branch available here: git clone git://git.savannah.gnu.org/gawk.git As such, please consider the select extension to be in beta test mode. Feedback is welcome. Please download gawkextlib plus one or more individual extensions. You should build and install gawkextlib first. After you untar each package, please cd into its directory and build as follows: ./configure && make && make check && make install && echo Success. On an rpm-based system, such as Fedora, you can simply say: rpmbuild -tb gawkextlib-<version>.tar.gz After installing the gawkextlib rpm, you can then build the individual extension rpms like so: rpmbuild -tb gawk-<extension>.tar.gz If you would like to build from git sources, please make sure that your system has these packages installed: autoconf, automake, gettext, and libtool. With that infrastructure in place, the steps are very similar: git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/gawkextlib/code gawkextlib Please build lib first, and then the extensions you want, like so: autoreconf -i && \ ./configure && make && make check && make install && echo Success. Note: if gawk is installed in a non-standard location, please call "configure --with-gawk=/path/to/gawk". Similarly, if you do not plan to install gawkextlib in the standard location, please use the --prefix option. So your configure command might look something like: configure --with-gawk=/path/to/gawk --prefix=/path/to/gawkextlib Please use the mailing lists to report bugs or contribute new code. We welcome the contribution of new extensions. Developers: please refer to the Development file. This file has more detailed instructions for building from git, installing in non-standard locations, creating new extensions, and testing packages. Note: if you are using legacy xgawk, please upgrade to gawk version 4.1.1 or later with these new packages. There is only one known incompatibility between xgawk and current gawk: in gawk 4.1 and later, the @include and @load directives require double quotes around the filename. With xgawk, there were no quotes. Please let us know if you find any other incompatibilities.
Source: README, updated 2015-06-03