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0.9.2 2015-04-14 6,8356,835 weekly downloads
0.9.1 2014-09-02 1616 weekly downloads
0.9 2014-08-10 33 weekly downloads
0.8.1 2013-11-04 44 weekly downloads
0.8 2013-05-20 33 weekly downloads
0.7 2013-02-12 201201 weekly downloads
0.6 2012-11-07 88 weekly downloads
0.5 2012-11-07 11 weekly downloads
Readme.txt 2015-04-14 5.0 kB 33 weekly downloads
Version 0.9.2 Added: New troubleshooting options have been added to the Configurator that can be tried in case of problems. Improved: E-APO is now normally always installed as LFX/GFX, also in Windows 8.1 and later, to avoid problems with some applications bypassing SFX/MFX APOs (e.g. Skype). Fixed: If the input channel count was higher than the output channel count and there was no child APO, Equalizer APO could crash during initialization. Fixed: If a file in the config path was only renamed (not modified), the configuration was not reloaded. Fixed: ElseIf/Else sections were executed although the corresponding If evaluated to true. Version 0.9.1 Fixed: When a completely empty (0-byte) configuration file was being read, the reading process got into an endless loop. Version 0.9 Added: Filter type "IIR", which allows to specify a user-defined IIR filter of arbitrary order with custom coefficients. Improved: For playback devices, the APO is now installed both as GFX (post-mix) and LFX (pre-mix) APO. Normally the filtering happens in GFX, but the command "Stage" allows to select LFX to apply effects based on the number of input channels. Added: Expression language. The commands "If", "ElseIf", "Else", "EndIf", "Eval" and inline expressions allow to change the filter behaviour based on runtime conditions. Added: Command "Copy", which copies audio data between channels. Added: Command "Delay", which delays the audio on the currently selected channels. Improved: Configuration files are now locked exclusively for writing while reading them. Improved: There is now a transition (10 ms) from old to new configuration after loading. Improved: Substantial internal restructuring to improve extensibility and maintainability. Filtering commands now work exactly in the order they were specified. Fixed: When the microphone input was in stereo but the application requested a mono stream, the audio was heavily distorted. Fixed: The sine sweep generated by the Benchmark application had floating-point precision issues leading to severe artifacts when certain filters were applied. Fixed: Configurator requested unneeded reboot on Windows versions before 8.1 . Fixed: Configurator language was German on French Windows version. Fixed: Newer drivers with registry values introduced in Windows 8.1 were treated incorrectly in earlier versions of Windows. Version 0.8.1 Fixed: Windows 8.1 is now supported. Added: Filter types LSC and HSC that allow specifying the shelf slope with center frequency, unlike LS/HS 6/12db which use corner frequency. Fixed: Configuration files with non-breaking space as thousand's separator can now be read. Version 0.8 Fixed: Installation to device that has an FxProperties registry key but no APO guid value. Improved: For playback devices, the APO is now installed as a GFX (Post-mix) APO, so only one instance of Eq. APO is running for any number of applications. Existing LFX APO installations are upgraded by the Configurator (shown as "APO will be upgraded"). Added: Support for installation to capture devices. They can be selected on a second tab in the Configurator. Added: All remaining filter types (LP(Q), HP(Q), LS(6/12dB), HS(6/12dB), NO, AP) of RoomEQWizard's "Generic" equalizer. Syntax is compatible to REW's filter text file, of course. Improved: The benchmark application now has a real command line interface. To see the available options, type "Benchmark.exe -h" . Added: Support for independent filter sets per channel. The new command "Channel" allows to specify the channel(s) to which the following "Filter" and "Preamp" commands should apply. Fixed: Translation of "Cancel" button in Configurator Version 0.7 Improved: Configurator.exe now has experimental support for installing the APO even if the sound device previously did not use any APOs. (shown as "APO can be installed (experimental)") Added: Support for having individual configurations for multiple devices. This is possible via the new command "Device" that allows to select the output devices to which the following commands (filters etc.) should be applied. The Configurator got a new button to generate a Device command for the selected connection(s). Fixed: Configurator.exe was unable to install APO if device name contained special characters illegal for file names (e.g. S/PDIF) Version 0.6: Improved: The installer now optionally creates a start menu folder. It also adds an entry to Control Panel -> Programs and Features. Updating an existing installation is now possible without uninstalling the old version first. Fixed: Benchmark.exe now writes to the user temp directory instead of its working directory, which is readonly for most users. Also improved error handling. Improved: Using floating point model fast instead of precise, which leads to a computation time reduction by approx. 1/3. Fixed: Configurator was unable to run on 64 bit Windows because of wrong architecture in its manifest. Version 0.5: Initial release
Source: Readme.txt, updated 2015-04-14