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readme.txt 2014-12-23 1.2 kB 11 weekly downloads
DBLXe_2_2.zip 2014-12-23 970.7 kB 11 weekly downloads
DBLX_2_2_Setup.exe 2014-09-23 29.3 MB 22 weekly downloads
DBLX_2_2.zip 2014-09-23 1.3 MB 11 weekly downloads
DBLX_2_2.tar.gz 2014-09-23 1.1 MB 22 weekly downloads
DBLXClient_CSharp.zip 2014-05-29 15.9 MB 11 weekly downloads
DBLXjdbc2.zip 2014-05-18 87.8 kB 44 weekly downloads
DBLXjdbc2.tar.gz 2014-05-18 87.6 kB 22 weekly downloads
DBLX Relational Database v.2.2 downloads: DBLX_2_2_Setup.exe DBLX 2.2 Windows Setup Installer for all versions of Windows. DBLX_2_2.zip: DBLX 2.2 for Windows without installer, any version. DBLX_2_2.tar.gz: DBLX 2.2 for Mac OS/X, Linux, and UNIX operating systems. DBLXe_2_2.zip: DBLX 2.2 Embedded Edition. Any platform, including Android and RaspberryPI. DBLXjdbc2.tar.gz: DBLXjdbc JDBC Driver for the DBLX Database. Mac OS/X, Linux, and UNIX operating systems. DBLXjdbc2.zip: DBLXjdbc JDBC Driver for the DBLX Database. Windows, any version. DBLXClient_CSharp.zip: DBLX Database Driver for C#/.NET/MONO. Works with MONO and Windows, any version. Downloads do not require installers and come with all DBLX documentation. DBLX takes 2 minutes to configure. It is recommended to have administrator privileges when configuring DBLX. A installer is available by downloading DBLX_2_2_Setup.exe if you prefer a fully automated setup. The installer is for all Windows versions, XP through 8.1, and comes with a Windows Service option and all DBLX documentation. Change Log: 22September2014: Initial v.2.2 file set. 23December2014: Added DBLXe Embedded Edition.
Source: readme.txt, updated 2014-12-23