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Little AutoIt3 scripts that help Console.exe to run batch files by doubleclick or launch thru Win+R dialog box.

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  • fredx181
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    Brilliant!! Your program should be included with console2. 1) It solved my problem being not able to run .bat scripts through console with arguments (and spaces in filenames) 2) A bonus!!: Running a .bat script executing a bash shell-script for example with mingw/msys runs fine now when using %* because somehow the arguments are nicely quoted; also those without spaces. To be more clear: for example: c:\images\tux.png (note the path is without spaces) is one of the the arguments of %*. Before using this it became c:imagestux.png (slashes gone) which of course resulted in an error. I've tried a lot to solve this but didn't succeed until now. @Anytime Innovator and anyone who is interested to "uninstall" you may before running "Integrate.exe" backup some registry keys something like: reg export HKCR\batfile\shell\open\command batfile.reg reg export HKCR\cmdfile\shell\open\command cmdfile.reg reg export HKCR\Directory\shell openheredir.reg reg export HKCR\Drive\shell openheredrive.reg and run these .reg files to "uninstall" console tools (but why? :-)). Oh, just one small downside: Running a batch file on the root of a drive e.g "C:\mybatchfile.cmd" doesn't work for me. "C:\myscripts\mybatchfile.cmd" does work. No complaint, just mentioning. Thanks! and have a good year.

    Posted 12/31/2012
  • oid-3765787
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    Nice automazation!

    Posted 03/09/2012
  • anytimeinnovato
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    As of the latest version , this indeed does as advertised, making "Console.exe to run batch files by doubleclick [on the .bat file]", which is quite useful as, even in Windows 7, aka Console.exe is considerably superior to MS Window's supplied cmd.exe. The most serious problem is it that I haven't figured out how to remove it, most notably because it doesn't have any uninstall feature and un-installation isn't that obvious even when looking at the source code (yes it's likely possible, but would take some work deciphering the code). The lack of an uninstall option worried me when I first installed it, and now the seeming need for it has come to pass. For me the need to uninstall finally came up now when another install wasn't working and it seemed non-standard Console.exe and/or Console Tools might be the cause (at least I want to test to see if it is, but I can't really test (on my usual machine) because Console Tools provides no uninstall). In particular now when I'm trying to run the Windows "one-click" installers for PostgreSQL, as and most recently , which, which cause Console.exe to be launched (instead of cmd.exe) due to (this Console Tools) and then all mysteriously fail with the cryptic error of but where all the usual fixes for that bug (as use POSIX or C locale, or install under a different & non-domain admin account) do nothing, plus I noticed Console2 parsed the command-line wrong once, so I'm wondering if the problem the install script uses non-standard Console instead of cmd, but with Console Tools having no uninstall, I haven't been able to turn that off. 2011.08.19- update: Posgres failing to install is increasingly looking like problem with Console Tools, as I just installed latest Postgres 9.1b3 on another Win7 computer (w/ Cygwin but w/o Console Tools, plus Win7 Home Premium instead of Starter) and it installed flawlessly. I sure wish I could uninstall Console Tools. A seemingly-minor drawback is that it is written in free-but closed-source (v3) instead of the open-source & seemingly much-more powerful (which I suspect is just as powerful, including Registry edits as ) or just using a .bat script if that is powerful enough (using say reg.exe ). So overall I'd recommend this Console Tools unless, like me, you'd might ever run into situations were you'd like to, even temporarily, uninstall it, as I've been unable to so far and wish I could now. However hopefully the authors or somebody will fix this, as it's probably a trivial amount of additional code for someone who is familiar with the code.

    Posted 08/17/2011
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