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A Win32 Specific Backup Program

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AnyBackup is designed to keep two pools of volumes in sync with one another. The primary use case is backing up one large network array to several smaller volumes. These syncs are intended to be periodic and user initiated.

Disclaimer: AnyBackup is not an enterprise solution and I make no guarantees and offer no warranties. I have been using it to keep up to date backups of ~11tb of data for the duration of the project and I've suffered no data loss as a result. This, however, does not mean that through bugs or user error data loss cannot occur.

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  • Simple GUI for managing backups.
  • Backup drives do not need to be connected all the time.
  • Indexes drives so content can be viewed offline.
  • Batches backup/restore operations by drive.
  • Drive view can be exported and shared.


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  • manu2602
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    AnyBackup is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to use multiple HDDs to backup data. Many commercial homeuser backup applications support splitting backups to burn on multiple CDs/DVDs, but when it comes to using multiple HDDs as a target they usually don't offer a solution. I use AnyBackup to backup the data on my NAS. A single HDD would not be sufficient and using a second NAS would be rather expensive. So just using "old" HDDs of different sizes is a really nice solution. And if those HDDs are full you can just add another one to your backup set and continue. Another great feature is that the backup drives don't need to be online until data is written to a specific drive. So you can just store your drives in a drawer or anywhere else and connect them just in time (for example using a SATA-dock or something else). Another advantage is that files are just copied as if you would copy them manually. So you will always be able to access the backuped files even without AnyBackup. Many commercial solutions use a proprietary file format that makes things a bit more complicated.

    Posted 01/05/2015
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