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Read Me

It is a feature heavy realtime software synthesizer for Linux, OSX,
and Windows. 

Originally written by Nasca Octavian Paul <zynaddsubfx AT yahoo D0T com>

Maintained by Mark McCurry 2009+.

ZynAddSubFX is free program and is distributed WITH NO WARRANTY.
It is licensed under GNU General Public License version 2 (and only version 2).

The project page is
Mailing List:

Public Forum:

- FFTW 3.x.x  - necessary for Fast Fourier computations
- MXML-2.5+ from
- zlib library from
- Jack Audio (may be optional in the future)

- FLTK 1.x.x (tested with fltk 1.3+)
- a VST host for the VST version [For more information see:]

  For the main program see doc/build.txt.
  To compile the Spliter, run "make" from the "Spliter" directory.
  To compile the Controller, run "make" from the "Controller" directory.

Running on Linux
Under linux there are several options for both audio output and MIDI input.
Defaults are set at compile time and the desired backend can be set when
starting ZynAddSubFX with the '-I' and '-O' options.
The currently supported backends are:

- Audio Output
    * ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture)
    * OSS (Open Sound System)
    * JACK (JACK Audio Connection Kit)
    * Port Audio

- MIDI Input
    * ALSA
    * OSS
    * JACK

Running on OSX
Under OSX simply download the binary available on
and run with JACK

Running on Windows
NOTE: At this time only older versions of ZynAddSubFX were compiled on windows
      See older versions on (ie version 2.2.1)

Have fun! :-)
--The ZynAddSubFX team