#41 msDesc: layout attributes elsewhere

Torsten Schassan

Hi again,

it would be useful to allow the use of the attributes
of layout (columns, ruledLines and writtenLines) in
subdivisions of layout (p?, span?).

Thus it would be possible to specify more detailed
where to a certain layout aspect applies in the codex.

Right now I have to encode:

<layout columns="2-3">
<p>1r-v zweispaltig, 2r-10v dreispaltig.</p>

It would be possible to write this:

<layout columns="2-3">
<span columns="2">1r-v zweispaltig</span>
<span columns="3">2r-10v dreispaltig</span>

An even more complicated example: (the short form
without locus and dimensions)

<layout writtenLines="35-43">Schriftraum:
1r-202v: 19-19,5 x 10 cm, 35-37 Zeilen;
205r-398v: 20,5-21,5 x 10-12,5cm, 38-43 Zeilen.

Here, it would be useful to be able to encode:

<p writtenLines="35-37">1r-202v: 19-19,5 x 10 cm,
35-37 Zeilen;</p>
<p writtenLines="38-43">205r-398v: 20,5-21,5 x
10-12,5cm, 38-43 Zeilen.</p>

Additionally it would be helpful to have seperate
elements as well for the description of the written
space as for the way of ruling.

Greetings, Torsten Schassan


  • Lou Burnard
    Lou Burnard

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    It seems to me that the way to do this properly might be to
    define multiple layout elements, associating each one with the
    appropriate locuses to which it applies. This is not too difficult
    a modification of the current model.

    Your suggestion that we should include description of written
    space is noted. How about prickings?

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    But the DTD does not allow to use multiple layout elements!
    I suggested elements instead of attributes because I see
    various "functions" within layout: as we want to describe
    the number of lines, the columns, the written space the
    pricking etc, in my opinion layout calls out for
    subdivisions as any other element with more complexity does.

    Description of pricking might be wanted to do as well.
    Within CEEC we used an element called preparationOfThePage.
    Do you think this would fit?

  • Lou Burnard
    Lou Burnard

    • status: open --> closed
  • Lou Burnard
    Lou Burnard

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    Fixed in release 0.3