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This tracker lists Feature Requests, i.e. new features that the TEI community believes will enhance the TEI Guidelines or related software. Use the Bugs tracker for things which you believe to be straightforward errors. Please feel free to comment on any ticket listed here: note that you must have a sourceforge account and you must be logged in in order to do so however.

Please use a line-break followed by 5 tildes and another line-break before and after any markup example which the sourceforge markdown format should interpret as a 'code block'.

Feature Requests for the TEI-C Stylesheets, Roma, or other software are best put onto the github repository at https://github.com/TEIC/

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Created Updated Labels Priority
543 Make the content model of occupation more elaborate AMBER open Laurent Romary 4 days ago 4 days ago 5(default)  
542 Make occupation part of the content model of author AMBER open Laurent Romary 4 days ago 4 days ago 5(default)  
541 Using `<zone>` for points and paths rather than shapes AMBER open Martin Holmes 2014-12-21 2014-12-21 facsimile 5(default)  
540 expanded recommendations on values of @xml:id AMBER open Kevin Hawkins 2014-12-18 2014-12-18 5(default)  
539 New element annotatedU AMBER open Lou Burnard 2014-12-05 2014-12-17 5(default)  
538 guideline example <msPart> AMBER open Stefanie Gehrke Stefanie Gehrke 2014-12-05 2014-12-05 5(default)  
537 Support for non-ISO schematron (1.4) should be removed AMBER open Syd Bauman Martin Holmes 2014-11-19 2014-11-19 Specs 5(default)  
536 Make @source global AMBER open James Cummings Hugh A. Cayless 2014-11-18 2014-11-19 5(default)  
533 Add profileDesc as optional child biblFull AMBER open Hugh A. Cayless Laurent Romary 2014-11-14 2014-11-19 5(default)  
531 New element for secluded text AMBER open Hugh A. Cayless Hugh A. Cayless 2014-10-17 2014-10-18 5(default)  
530 a new ODD element for pointing at datatypes GREEN open Lou Burnard Sebastian Rahtz 2014-10-06 2014-11-17 5(default)  
527 Replace current eXist for Roma with updated version GREEN open Peter Stadler Martin Holmes 2014-09-18 2014-11-17 Roma 5(default)  
526 Create a Jenkins job for building oxygen-tei GREEN open Martin Holmes Martin Holmes 2014-09-18 2014-11-17 Jenkins 5(default)  
525 translated from AMBER open Syd Bauman Fxp33 2014-09-14 2014-11-17 5(default)  
523 Allow @notation in <pVar> element AMBER open Syd Bauman Jack Bowers 2014-08-17 2014-11-18 Spoken Language 5(default)  
521 Allow <lem/> to Contain Chunk-Level Markup AMBER open Hugh A. Cayless Gregor Middell 2014-07-31 2014-11-17 5(default)  
520 @selector attribute for the `<rendition>` element AMBER open Martin Holmes Martin Holmes 2014-07-15 2014-11-17 style, rendition 5(default)  
519 precision should be a member of att.datable* GREEN open Martin Holmes Frederik 2014-07-10 2014-11-19 5(default)  
518 state (or model.*StateLike) should contain precision GREEN open Peter Stadler Frederik 2014-07-10 2014-11-17 5(default)  
517 transcription of quranic "end of ayah"-sign AMBER open Elli Mylonas Tobias J. Jocham 2014-07-07 2014-11-17 5(default)  
516 tagsDecl needs to be explicit as to whether it documents all tags present in a document GREEN open Syd Bauman Lou Burnard 2014-07-02 2014-11-18 5(default)  
515 re-think model.global's membership and use in <line> AMBER open Lou Burnard Syd Bauman 2014-07-02 2014-11-18 5(default)  
511 New element <transcriptionDesc> as a possible child of <encodingDesc> AMBER open-later Martin Holmes Thomas Schmidt 2014-06-26 2014-11-19 Spoken Language 5(default)  
510 add a correspondence module and elements for capturing correspondence specific meta data GREEN open Peter Stadler Peter Stadler 2014-06-20 2014-12-05 5(default)  
507 create generic policy for the TEI on integration of external standards AMBER open Syd Bauman Kevin Hawkins 2014-05-10 2014-07-01 5(default)  
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