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This tracker lists Feature Requests, i.e. new features that the TEI community believes will enhance the TEI Guidelines or related software. Use the Bugs tracker for things which you believe to be straightforward errors. Please feel free to comment on any ticket listed here: note that you must have a sourceforge account and you must be logged in in order to do so however.

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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Creator Created Updated Labels Priority
503 remedy the prose-structure-antagonism within the content model of person AMBER open Peter Stadler Peter Stadler 2014-04-01 2014-04-01 5(default)  
502 Stored TEI tag after convert RED open Sebastian Rahtz javad 2014-03-18 2014-03-18 8  
501 Add notion of model.resourceLike to description of teiHeader AMBER open Peter Stadler Peter Stadler 2014-03-17 2014-03-18 5(default)  
500 Allow note within sourceDesc AMBER open Lou Burnard 2014-03-08 2014-03-10 5(default)  
499 change semantics of @except and @include on moduleRef AMBER open Sebastian Rahtz 2014-02-24 2014-02-24 5(default)  
498 Permit new <persona> as a child of <person> AMBER open David J Birnbaum 2014-02-22 2014-02-23 personography 5(default)  
497 Change @role to allow one or more values AMBER open Scott Vanderbilt 2014-02-13 2014-02-16 5(default)  
496 `<taxonomy>` should be allowed as a child of `<category>` AMBER open Martin Holmes 2014-01-31 2014-01-31 5(default)  
495 Allow <listRelation> in <biblStruct> AMBER open Rachel Moloshok 2014-01-29 2014-01-29 5(default)  
493 tei-install.sh should be split into three AMBER open Martin Holmes 2014-01-24 2014-02-13 5(default)  
492 Allow bibl inside app AMBER open Hugh A. Cayless 2014-01-16 2014-01-17 5(default)  
491 Allow ref inside app AMBER open Hugh A. Cayless 2014-01-16 2014-01-16 5(default)  
490 un-bundle @cert and @resp AMBER open Hugh A. Cayless 2013-12-18 2013-12-18 5(default)  
489 Make teiHeader/@type explicitly map to dc:type by using terms from DCMI AMBER open Lou Burnard 2013-12-16 2013-12-16 5(default)  
488 Add @points to att.coordinated AMBER open Martin de la Iglesia 2013-12-13 2013-12-13 5(default)  
487 use "birth_name" instead of "maiden_name" AMBER open Peter Stadler 2013-12-10 2013-12-10 5(default)  
486 deprecating members of a content model AMBER open Syd Bauman Kevin Hawkins 2013-12-08 2013-12-08 5(default)  
485 add element rs as member of model.linePart AMBER open Oliver Gasperlin 2013-11-26 2013-11-26 5(default)  
484 `<availability>` should be a member of model.biblPart AMBER open Martin Holmes 2013-11-22 2013-11-22 5(default)  
483 change datatype of @medium to "1–∞ occurrences of data.name separated by whitespace" AMBER open Martin de la Iglesia 2013-11-11 2013-11-11 5(default)  
482 The term strikes back - terminology chapter AMBER open Lou Burnard Laurent Romary 2013-11-06 2014-03-22 5(default)  
480 Adding the @hand attribute to all (or most) text-containing elements AMBER open Lou Burnard Ville Marttila 2013-10-29 2013-11-17 5(default)  
479 Adding the @place attribute to <head> and <seg> AMBER open Sebastian Rahtz Ville Marttila 2013-10-29 2013-11-11 5(default)  
470 att.measurement and att.dimensions overlap AMBER open Martin Holmes Lou Burnard 2013-08-25 2013-11-27 5(default)  
464 Need for some way to test the oxygen-tei package before release RED open Martin Holmes Martin Holmes 2013-07-05 2013-11-09 5(default)  
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