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This tracker lists BUGS , i.e. features which need to be changed because they are clearly wrong in the current TEI Guidelines. New features and other proposals for modifications to the Guidelines are listed on the Feature Requests Tracker. Please feel free to comment on any issue listed here: note that you must have a sourceforge account and you must be logged in in order to do so however.

Please use a line-break followed by 5 tildes and another line-break before and after any markup example which the sourceforge markdown format should interpret as a 'code block'.

Bugs for the TEI-C Stylesheets, Roma, or other software are best put onto the github repository at https://github.com/TEIC/

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Created Updated Labels Priority
764 Link checking in Examples AMBER open Martin Holmes Hugh A. Cayless 2015-06-27 2015-06-27 5(default)  
762 examples combines @from with @notAfter AMBER open Syd Bauman Syd Bauman 2015-06-02 2015-06-02 4  
761 Specification for @match in att.scoping is confusing AMBER open Martin Holmes 2015-05-31 2015-05-31 5(default)  
760 Intended use of <distinct> attributes AMBER open Lou Burnard 2015-05-30 2015-05-30 5(default)  
759 Guidelines processing should show inheritance of overridden atts AMBER open Martin Holmes 2015-05-30 2015-05-30 Guidelines processing 5(default)  
757 XSL(T?) as a value for @scheme on constraintSpec AMBER open Syd Bauman Martin Holmes 2015-05-28 2015-05-28 5(default)  
754 Need for a standard way to warn of class changes affecting ODDs AMBER open Martin Holmes 2015-05-20 2015-06-01 ODD 5(default)  
753 <app> is phrase-level AMBER open Hugh A. Cayless Marjorie Burghart 2015-05-18 2015-06-03 5(default)  
747 Updating Roma/eXist on release day: improve the process AMBER open Martin Holmes 2015-04-04 2015-05-29 5(default)  
740 "freestanding event" in GREEN open Stefanie Gehrke Piotr Banski 2015-02-20 2015-05-30 Guidelines style 5(default)  
730 Unicode history AMBER open Hugh A. Cayless Jens Østergaard Petersen 2015-02-18 2015-05-30 5(default)  
728 lamenting the passing of SGML SDATA AMBER open Stefanie Gehrke Jens Østergaard Petersen 2015-02-18 2015-05-28 5(default)  
727 dated XML processor info AMBER open Stefan Majewski Jens Østergaard Petersen 2015-02-18 2015-03-12 5(default)  
724 part of the "Title" clipped by Roma, in a somewhat sneaky fashion AMBER open Martin Holmes Piotr Banski 2015-02-18 2 days ago Roma: Problems with Interface 5(default)  
721 hors d'oeuvre unpalatable in 9.4 GREEN open Stefan Majewski Piotr Banski 2015-01-30 2015-05-30 dictionaries 5(default)  
718 dated info on XML processors AMBER open Syd Bauman Jens Østergaard Petersen 2015-01-21 2015-02-09 5(default)  
710 xml:lang/langUsage AMBER open-accepted Syd Bauman Jens Østergaard Petersen 2015-01-21 2015-01-31 5(default)  
706 revisionDesc suggesting order of changes GREEN open rviglianti Sebastian Rahtz 2015-01-17 2015-05-30 5(default)  
697 sequence of declaration info is lost when making an ODD AMBER open Lou Burnard Lou Burnard 2014-10-31 2014-11-19 5(default)  
692 Pointing between terms and glosses GREEN open Lou Burnard Martin Holmes 2014-09-23 2014-11-19 Guidelines examples 5(default)  
687 TEILite has @calendar, but no `<calendar>` element it can point to GREEN open Lou Burnard Martin Holmes 2014-09-08 2014-11-19 TEILite 5(default)  
686 TEILIte example shows cit/quote, but quote is not allowed GREEN open Lou Burnard Martin Holmes 2014-09-08 2014-11-19 TEILite 5(default)  
684 multiple lems in an app GREEN open Hugh A. Cayless Hugh A. Cayless 2014-09-02 2014-11-19 5(default)  
666 video html to tei RED open Sebastian Rahtz javad 2014-04-27 2014-08-14 7  
647 data.enumerated != valItem/@ident GREEN open Syd Bauman Syd Bauman 2014-02-25 2014-11-25 3  
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