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#446 List styles and list nesting lost(DOCX ->TEI transformation)

Sorin Ristache

1. A list is created in MS Word 2010 using list styles from the Style Pane and the DOCX document is transformed to TEI P5. In the result TEI P5 XML document an ordered list from MS Word 2010 is transformed as unordered list, including nested lists:

<list type="unordered">
<list type="unordered">

2. A list is nested in other list. Both lists are created using the list button in the main menu. In the result TEI P5 XML document the nesting is lost.

You can see some examples and images here:



  • Identifying list types in Word is surprisingly hard. I will look again at the algorithm, and see if I can detect these cases.

  • I believe I have dealt with these now by changes to the XSL stylesheets. I will comment on the oxygen forum

    • status: open --> closed-fixed