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Read Me

SQuirreL SQL Client

Build instructions

In the beginning of 2014 an new simplified Ant based build system was introduced. To build SQuirreL you need to download Ant version 1.9.3 or higher from here.

Then open a cmd/shell window and change directory to <squirrel-git-root>/sql12/. Form there execute <ant-home>/bin/ant. This will generate the directory <squirrel-git-root>/sql12/output/ where all the build artefacts (installer jars, plainzip packages) are placed.

The build script itself is located at <squirrel-git-root>/sql12/build.xml and contains a few more than 200 lines of code.

With the restructuring of the build system went a new directory structure:

  • <squirrel-git-root>/sql12/core/: contains the former fw and app parts of SQuirreL's base application.
  • <squirrel-git-root>/sql12/plugins/: contains all Plugins.
  • <squirrel-git-root>/sql12/launcher/: contains the basis of SQuirreL's start scripts in a way they are needed for building the installer packages.
  • <squirrel-git-root>/sql12/plainZipScript/: Scripts for plain zip distributions. If copied to the launcher directory these scripts are able to start SQuirreL without installation.

Hints for developers

  • Use <squirrel-git-root>/sql12/output/dist/ as SQuirreL's home directory (command line: -home <squirrel-git-root>/sql12/output/dist/).
  • Put the files in <squirrel-git-root>/sql12/core/lib in your classpath
  • In case you want to work with the Look & Feel Plugin put the files contained in <squirrel-git-root>/sql12/pluins/laf/ and <squirrel-git-root>/sql12/pluins/skinlf-theme-packs/ in your classpath
  • SQuirreL's source code is in <squirrel-git-root>/sql12/core/src/ and <squirrel-git-root>/sql12/plugins/<plugin>/src/