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  • Posted a comment on ticket #527 on SQuirreL SQL Client

    From the screenshot I cannot see what exactly the problem is. Maybe its an oversized...

  • Committed [50a9b7]

    Feature: SQL-Editor: Using tools popup (ctrl+T)...

  • Committed [c1ff8d]

    Feature: SQL-Editor: Ctrl+NumblockMinus toggles...

  • Committed [4cfb44]

    Feature: SQL-Editor: Ctrl + Shift + U toggles s...

  • Committed [1269f5]

    Feature: New object tree right mouse menu to co...

  • Committed [6c88c6]

    Improvement: Duplicate line (ctrl + D) now move...

  • Committed [ef5efb]

    Bug fix: Application window size was not saved ...

  • Committed [c41339]

    Feature: If a table cell is double clicked a ce...

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