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File Date Author Commit
chat_cl 2009-05-15 hannlain [r147] Updated to use libwhiteboard-2.0pre.
client 2010-03-23 hannlain [r479] Deleted generated files.
common 2010-05-24 hannlain [r559]
hello_world 2010-03-03 brownro [r455] Just changed some comments to correct English a...
lib 2010-06-18 brownro [r575] fixed:
libccl 2010-03-23 hannlain [r472] Deleted generated file.
libpiglet 2009-12-11 juhonkol [r698] Fixed RDF node expansion in tryQName2URI_m3
m3_stress_test 2009-10-16 hannlain [r358] Added new INSTALL (Empty) and COPYING (common c...
pyrple_m3 2009-12-01 juhonkol [r399] Fixed imports and
python_examples 2010-05-24 juhonkol [r552] Updated example scripts
python_kp 2010-06-30 juhonkol [r584] Removed unnecessary CDATA from
qt4 2010-10-27 hannlain [r597] Deleted unnecessary old .pro files.
qt4-standalone 2010-06-15 hannlain [r573] Added support for multiple sibd and sib-tcp ins...
sib-access 2010-10-26 hannlain [r594] Added GA_LOOKUP_USE_MULTICAST to ga_service_res...
sib-access-nota 2010-09-02 hannlain [r591]
sib-access-plain-nota 2010-05-24 hannlain [r562]
sib-daemon 2010-10-11 juhonkol [r593] Fixed rememove bug
sib-nota 2010-06-21 hannlain [r576] Added dbus_g_thread_init().
sib-plain-nota 2010-05-24 hannlain [r566]
sib-tcp 2011-01-21 juhonkol [r598] Added missing directives to leave out avahi rel...
sib_piglet 2009-11-10 juhonkol [r696] Improved some msg generators
test_sib 2009-04-28 brownro [r91] temp. update 28.4.09
test_sib_nota 2009-04-29 hannlain [r92] Temp commit 29.4.2009.
whiteboardAPI_XMLtest 2009-10-02 brownro [r305] added rev. history notes to README.
wilbur 2008-12-09 juhonkol [r600] Initial import
README 2012-06-02 kirill-krinkin [r699] Added global readme file 2010-06-10 hannlain [r571] Added support for configure params.
svn-commit.tmp 2008-08-27 m3svn [r2] New import with new directory structure.
whiteboardAPI_XMLtest-0.1.gz 2009-10-01 ronbrown [r1] A test program to read XML scripts for exercisi...

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