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Addons 2014-12-23 sizious [r720] Some refactoring in Addons directory
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Debug 2013-08-27 sizious [r685] Major structure refactoring.
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Legacy 2013-12-01 sizious [r707] Update in Legacy folder.
Package 2014-12-26 sizious [r722] DTE 2.0 is now ready to be released!
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Read Me

      ..::  B R E A K I N G   T H E   L A N G U A G E   B A R R I E R ::..
                //           /     //    /           /          \
               //     //____/     //    /    //     /           /
              //_____      /     _     /    //_____/   ___     /
             //    //     /     //    /          _//    //    /
                / \__     __________  __________  ___________
               /     \   //         \/          \/           \
              /    _./  //   ___    //          /      /    //
             /    /____//   /  /___//    ___   //     /    //
            /          \   /      //    //    //    _/    //
            \_________./__/      //____//___./\_________.//
                                      |  S H E N T R A D  |
 __                            ________________________________________________
 __| SHENMUE TRANSLATION PACK |________________________________________________
 Shenmue Translation pack is a set of tools created in order to translate the
 Shenmue game series in your own language.
 Games supported are :
 - What's Shenmue (DC)
 - Shenmue (DC)
 - Shenmue 2 (DC)
 - Shenmue 2X (XBOX)
 __                      ______________________________________________________
 __| PACKAGiNG CONTENTS |______________________________________________________
 Currently this pack contains a bunch of various tools :       

 * ADPCM Streaming Toolkit
   This toolkit was made to decode the Yamaha AICA ADPCM (.STR) to the RIFF 
   WAVE (.WAV) audio format. It isn't a required tool, but it can be useful to 
   help the translation process.
 * AFS Utils
   This tool allows opening, creating and editing AFS packages.
 * AiO Cinematics Subtitles Editor
   This tool is the subtitles editor for SRF files which can be found in AFS
 * AiO Free Quest Subtitles Editor
   This tool is the subtitles editor for PAKS files inside the HUMANS.AFS

 * Dreamcast Test Environment
   This tool was made to generate a Nero Burning Rom test image in order to 
   test your work in real-time with nullDC. You must mount the generated image
   in a Virtual Drive, otherwise, it doesn't work.
 * Font Utility
   This additional tool was made to edit the in-game fonts (for the menus, 
   subtitles, etc.).

 * IDX Creator
   This stuff allows to re-create correct IDX files corresponding to each AFS.
 * IPAC Browser
   This utility was done to explore and edit PKS/PKF/BIN files.
 * Models Textures Editor
   This tool is a texture editor for MT5/MT6/MT7 files, in case of some sprites
   must be translated.
 * Notebook Editor
   This editor is used to modify the in-game Notebook.
 * Nozomi Motorcycle Subtitles Editor
   This special editor was made to translate the "Nozomi and the Motorcycle"
   sequence at the end of the Shenmue DISC3. The subtitle format of this 
   sequence was only found in this sequence.
 * SPR Utils
   This's an editor for SPR files.

 * VMU Screen Editor
   This tiny tool allow you to edit the LCD screen of the VMU, in order to 
   translate some actions (for example "Saving"...).
 __                  __________________________________________________________
 __| HOW TO COMPiLE |__________________________________________________________
 All tools were developed with the CodeGear Delphi RAD Studio 2007 IDE.
 The language used to code theses tools is the Delphi.
 To start the development, open the "srcpack.groupproj" file within the IDE.
 Additional components required for compilation:

 * DCL
   Please use the fixed version available in "/Tools/Libs/".
 * DFF Library
 * Fundamentals Utilities Library

 * PNG Image
   Please use the fixed version available in "/Tools/Libs/".
 __           _________________________________________________________________
 __| CREDiTS |_________________________________________________________________
  Founder / Coder................: Manic
  Coder / Additional tools.......: [big_fury]SiZiOUS (sbibuilder.shorturl.com)
  Alpha/Beta test................: Shendream, Sadako, Hiei-, Kogami-san, ...
  Thanks flying to...............: To everyone supporting us.       
  URL............................: http://shenmuesubs.sourceforge.net/     
 _____________________________________________________________________[ EOF ]___