#17 PPM - Gantt charts / Timeview & GIS



My goal is to be able to select line infrastructure assets like some part of a highway and let the program show in a seperate window what task details are availble and subsequently be able to edit project task information. It will be quite handy if one could work from selecting geographic assets by window or query selection jumping to
the Egantt tasks (or a node) and vice versa. This would enable users to not only navigate through there assests geographically, by asset sepcifications as well as time based.

Editing task information should prefably result in changing shape file / dbf table and/or xml - gml data content. If exchange with openworkbench, Ganttporject, MS project 2000/2003 and/or others would be provided this would be excellant. Is this possible? It would really help things because I\'m working on a Bsc gradution project on civil engineering - project portfolio management research and although I\'m quite entheusiastic about computer programming - java and gis this would all would be a great
relief of the already daunting research project.

Kind regards,

M. Briejer


  • Hi,

    I'm afraid this issue won't be addressed by any of the SAGA developers. This is more into integrating SAGA into a project management software than integrating project management into SAGA. SAGA is more or less "just" a powerful GIS engine and we try to keep the dependencies on other software low.