#134 Russian codepage

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In current version of rdesktop there is a bug - when you trying to change input language via alt+shift (for example) something goes wrong and you can't write anything. I can use rdesktop only if i run it with -k en-us option and when in X input language is English. When input language is Russian i can not print some symbols from keyboard, for example . and ,. Also something wrong with ". To print this symbols i have to change input language to English, enter needed char and then change language to Russian. This trouble is at least in version 1.6 from ubuntu repository.
I hope you will fix this bug! Thanks for your work!


  • I just do it:
    cp /usr/share/rdesktop/keymaps/en-us /usr/share/rdesktop/keymaps/ru
    vim /usr/share/rdesktop/keymaps/ru

    then replace map 0x409 -> map 0x419 in this file

    Note - if keyboard layout toggle same in linux and windows - it`s very bad.
    Make different toggles, ctrl+shift in windows and alt+shift in linux and be happy :)