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  • Committed [r1822]

    Document the new seamless protocol command PERS...

  • Committed [r1821]

    Implementation of seamless persistent mode.

  • Committed [r1820]

    Added seamless_reset_state() and use it whenever a

  • Committed [r1819]

    Fix compile error introduced in previous commit.

  • Committed [r1818]

    Make sure to always add RDP5_NO_CURSOR_SHADOW even

  • Committed [r1817]

    Updates all constants for TS_INFO_PACKET flags to

  • Modified ticket #384 on rdesktop

    1.8.2 "Windows logo key" has stopped working

  • Posted a comment on ticket #384 on rdesktop

    I now see why this happend, RDP_LOGON_BLOB flag was used for branching if password...

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