#104 Longhorn Support


I think that Longhorn requires encryption for the
session to get a connection working. We use rdesktop as
part of thinstation.org. Works great but does not
connect on Longhorn Terminal Servers.

BTW - I'm part of the team testing/implementing this
for Microsoft. I have access to the developers at
Microsoft if it will help any.


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    If you have access to the devs, can you get them to release documentation to make it work? :)

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    This is definitely a necessity in a future release

  • BlueIced

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    This could also benefit Windows Vista, which is using RDP v6. Don't know for sure if rdesktop supports this already.

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    Which version of Longhorn?

    Rdesktop 1.5.0 worked OK for me with Windows Server 2008 Enterprise
    32-bit Beta 3 (connecting from an old Linux).

    With the x64 Release Candidate 0 version I have to force it back to
    RDP v4 (i.e. use the -4 flag), though take this report with a pinch
    of salt as I had a lot of trouble getting the Windows box to run
    the service at all!

  • matthias

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    I traced some connections from server 2003 to vista. there it used a TLS connection scheme.
    I saw client nonce, server nonce, RSA-encrypted pre-master-secret PMS, hash of PMS and...
    the CipherSuite which was requested TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA { 0x00, 0x2F }. I think.

    I'm thinking about implementing it using openSSL, but I'm not sure if this
    is the main encryption scheme for rdp6.

    Can anybody confirm my discoveries???

    Would it be helpful for rdp6 implementation in rdesktop to have the rdpproxy for rdp6?