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Tree [r54] /

File Date Author Commit
frameworks 2009-03-12 albertzeyer [r39] adding Cairo MacOSX framework
gfire-0.7.1 2009-03-11 albertzeyer [r21] use own config.h for configuration (needed eg. ...
gnutls-2.6.4 2009-03-11 albertzeyer [r23] macosx/pidgin patches for gnutls
meanwhile-1.0.2 2009-07-18 albertzeyer [r44] meanwhile-1.0.2 original code
pidgin-2.5.8 2009-07-18 albertzeyer [r43] merging all pidgin 2.5.5 changes to 2.5.8
pidgin-facebookchat-1.47 2009-04-24 albertzeyer [r40] applied patch for facebook by Greg Satz, thanks
pidgin-macosx 2009-07-18 albertzeyer [r54] last changes of pidgin 2.5.8 ver1 release
pidgin-otr-3.1.0 2009-03-11 albertzeyer [r27] small hack/fix for a possible crash (dont now w...
pidgin-twitter-0.8.4 2009-07-18 albertzeyer [r54] last changes of pidgin 2.5.8 ver1 release
ChangeLog 2009-03-11 albertzeyer [r36] updated docs
README.txt 2009-03-11 albertzeyer [r36] updated docs
meanwhile 2009-07-18 albertzeyer [r45] meanwhile link
pidgin-src 2009-07-17 albertzeyer [r42] changing pidgin src link
pidgin-twitter 2009-07-18 albertzeyer [r49] link
show_diff.sh 2009-03-11 albertzeyer [r20] own Gfire 0.7.1 branch

Read Me

This is the package containing the build environment for Pidgin.

I would say it's already pretty usable (and I am using it myself). The MacOSX integration could be a bit better but I'll just wait there for the Gtk+ MacOSX port, they are implementing on related stuff (IGE Mac).

Directory structure:

* pidgin-src 		: -> link to current sources
* pidgin-src-orig	: -> link to current original sources
* pidgin-2.5.5		: the patched Pidgin sources
* pidgin-2.5.5-orig	: the original sources (needed there for diffing)
* pidgin-macosx		: Xcode project files
* pidgin-otr-3.1.0	: OTR plugin
* gnutls-2.6.4		: patched GnuTLS sources
* gfire-0.7.1		: patched Gfire sources
* pidgin-facebookchat-1.47 : patched Facebookchat sources

Install the Gtk+ framework (together with Cairo and GLib, if not included in the framework already) to /Library/Frameworks/. At the time of writing (2009-03-10), the frameworks included here should be the newest one (build from SVN). If that one is outdated, you can download it from www.gtk-osx.org.

Now, you should be able to load the Xcode project in pidgin-macosx and build Pidgin.

This Pidgin port for MacOSX is maintained by Albert Zeyer.
Contact me at albert.zeyer@rwth-aachen.de.
Or visit my homepage: www.az2000.de