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File Date Author Commit
frameworks 2009-03-12 albertzeyer [r39] adding Cairo MacOSX framework
gfire-0.7.1 2009-03-11 albertzeyer [r21] use own config.h for configuration (needed eg. ...
gnutls-2.6.4 2009-03-11 albertzeyer [r23] macosx/pidgin patches for gnutls
meanwhile-1.0.2 2009-07-18 albertzeyer [r44] meanwhile-1.0.2 original code
pidgin-2.5.8 2009-07-18 albertzeyer [r43] merging all pidgin 2.5.5 changes to 2.5.8
pidgin-facebookchat-1.47 2009-04-24 albertzeyer [r40] applied patch for facebook by Greg Satz, thanks
pidgin-macosx 2009-07-18 albertzeyer [r54] last changes of pidgin 2.5.8 ver1 release
pidgin-otr-3.1.0 2009-03-11 albertzeyer [r27] small hack/fix for a possible crash (dont now w...
pidgin-twitter-0.8.4 2009-07-18 albertzeyer [r54] last changes of pidgin 2.5.8 ver1 release
ChangeLog 2009-03-11 albertzeyer [r36] updated docs
README.txt 2009-03-11 albertzeyer [r36] updated docs
meanwhile 2009-07-18 albertzeyer [r45] meanwhile link
pidgin-src 2009-07-17 albertzeyer [r42] changing pidgin src link
pidgin-twitter 2009-07-18 albertzeyer [r49] link 2009-03-11 albertzeyer [r20] own Gfire 0.7.1 branch

Read Me

This is the package containing the build environment for Pidgin.

I would say it's already pretty usable (and I am using it myself). The MacOSX integration could be a bit better but I'll just wait there for the Gtk+ MacOSX port, they are implementing on related stuff (IGE Mac).

Directory structure:

* pidgin-src 		: -> link to current sources
* pidgin-src-orig	: -> link to current original sources
* pidgin-2.5.5		: the patched Pidgin sources
* pidgin-2.5.5-orig	: the original sources (needed there for diffing)
* pidgin-macosx		: Xcode project files
* pidgin-otr-3.1.0	: OTR plugin
* gnutls-2.6.4		: patched GnuTLS sources
* gfire-0.7.1		: patched Gfire sources
* pidgin-facebookchat-1.47 : patched Facebookchat sources

Install the Gtk+ framework (together with Cairo and GLib, if not included in the framework already) to /Library/Frameworks/. At the time of writing (2009-03-10), the frameworks included here should be the newest one (build from SVN). If that one is outdated, you can download it from

Now, you should be able to load the Xcode project in pidgin-macosx and build Pidgin.

This Pidgin port for MacOSX is maintained by Albert Zeyer.
Contact me at
Or visit my homepage: