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The OpenSAF wiki


  • The [OpenSAF as an application] guide explains how to get OpenSAF up and running as an unprivileged application on your development system (no clustering or virtualization).
  • The [OpenSAF quick-start guide] explains how to quickly get OpenSAF up and running in a simulated cluster.
  • How to [get involved] in the OpenSAF project, for example if you wish to ask questions, write bug reports or contribute code.
  • How to [write a ticket] in the OpenSAF ticket system, for example to report a bug that you have found.
  • How to use the [Mercurial patch queue] to add patches on top of the OpenSAF source code.

Code developed in the OpenSAF project should follow our [Coding Rules]. You can easily configure your favourite editor with the correct formatting rules by following the one of the step-by-step instructions below:

Configuration of other tools:

Component pages


Wiki: AMF
Wiki: About OpenSAF
Wiki: Coding Rules
Wiki: Development Process
Wiki: Eclipse
Wiki: Emacs
Wiki: Mercurial patch queue
Wiki: Mercurial
Wiki: NetBeans
Wiki: OpenSAF quick-start guide
Wiki: get involved
Wiki: write a ticket