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  • Posted a comment on ticket #1519 on OpenSAF

    It also looks like there is a superfluous "x" character printed after the MDS destination....

  • Committed [28f86f]

    release: Start of the opensaf-4.7.x branch

  • Committed [b6f59c]

    release: Update for version 4.7.FC

  • Committed [07e048]

    release: Added tag 4.7.FC for changeset b6f59c9...

  • Committed [f48751]

    release: Update README and for ver...

  • Committed [4d1a53]

    release: Added tag 5.0.M0 for changeset f487515...

  • Modified ticket #673 on OpenSAF

    dtm: leak mentioned by valgrind at mdtm_process_poll_recv_data_tcp()

  • Modified ticket #1242 on OpenSAF

    LOG: Incorrect error return in filehandling function

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