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  • Committed [e1903b]

    pyosaf: add immom subpackage under utils of pyo...

  • Modified ticket #848 on OpenSAF

    OpenSAF: include ETF files for all AMF components

  • Modified ticket #986 on OpenSAF

    AMF: Creation of SaAmfCtCsType object succeeds even when cstype does not exist

  • Modified ticket #1034 on OpenSAF

    imma: missing traces

  • Modified ticket #1115 on OpenSAF

    AMF: osafamfnd fails: Assertion 'comp->hc_list.n_nodes == 0' failed

  • Committed [bbd4b2]

    amf: make dummy comp scripts less intelligent

  • Created ticket #1223 on OpenSAF

    pyosaf: add immom package (from opensaf-tools)

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1163 on OpenSAF

    Yes and that would work bullet proof (?) if we had connection-oriented sockets between...

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