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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Created Updated component
227 Inconsistent number of tests created None new 2014-06-03 2014-06-08 Test Harness  
135 Missing content... sort-of -- "Download OpenFOAM®-ext:" doesn't indicate the necessary renaming of the folder None assigned Holger Marschall 2012-06-16 2013-06-22 Community Website  
98 Announcement in the main page at the Mantis Bug Tracker None assigned Holger Marschall 2011-09-17 2011-09-17 Community Website  
60 RSS-feed not working None assigned Holger Marschall 2011-05-01 2011-05-01 Community Website  
57 git link is wrong None assigned Holger Marschall 2011-03-05 2014-07-17 Community Website  
30 Content in Private Group Forums None confirmed Holger Marschall 2010-10-25 2010-11-19 Community Website  
29 Download Folders None acknowledged Holger Marschall 2010-10-21 2010-11-19 Community Website  
21 Database error on page reload None confirmed Holger Marschall 2010-09-20 2010-11-19 Community Website  
17 'Polls and Surveys' with no possibility to edit choice or view results None acknowledged Holger Marschall 2010-08-25 2010-11-19 Community Website  
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