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Yes... as you all can see...

... I'm still VERY undecided about which "stuff" to use... Operating system, compilers, etc.
Well, I'm alone for now, so I must think hard now so in the future I'll not repent myself.

But I'm sure soon everything will be OK! :B

Posted by Mike Aeron 2011-06-10

Preparing development environment

Now I'm finishing configuring all my development environment (using Kubuntu - Linux)...
Tomorrow I'll tranfer all the source code from MS Windows.
Certainly I'll be on NEXUS ECS again on Monday...

Lot of things TODO :P

Posted by Mike Aeron 2011-06-10

Porting NEXUS ECS to Linux

Hey, as I said before, NEXUS ECS is taking a new course...
So I need to migrate its code to work correctly on Linux. And that's what I'm doing write now... I'm downloading Backtrack distro ( too (I'll be using it)...

Freeware world! :D

Posted by Mike Aeron 2011-05-31

New course... [part 2]

Before this BIG change, NEXUS would run on MS Windows, and would also be just another software...

Now, ECS will run on Linux based systems. The aim are network equipments, like routers, mainly.

Posted by Mike Aeron 2011-05-29

MTX based on GTK+

Actually, I doing some researches about which graphics API to use... I'm almost chenging to GTK+.
Anyway, I still have to much time to decide.

Posted by Mike Aeron 2011-05-29

New course...

I had a MUCH better idea for this project, so I had to do the necessary changes on the project details (and even the name, from UCS to ECS).

Later I'll upload a file explaining all about NEXUS ECS.

Posted by Mike Aeron 2011-05-29

MTX's project page ceased

Well, I have finally decided to close its project page because I do NOT intend anymore release it as a separated project.

From now, MTX will be embedded within the source codes of the NEXUS UCS project.
But developers could still use its source codes separately for other purposes, since NEXUS UCS is under the "GPLv3" license.

Posted by Mike Aeron 2011-05-26

The core development continues

I decided to stop developing the graphical interface for now, and to continue the core development, because I still have to learn the SDL library and that would take some time. I prefer to let it for the end...
So, now I am focused on the core... what really matters.

I'll be using Subversion to upload the source codes and project files from now.

Posted by Mike Aeron 2011-05-26

Incorporate MTX within NEXUS

I have been thinking about this and to tell you the truth, would be much better...
Once there already exists NCURSES, there is no need to develope another graphic library which would be very similar...
So, now, I'll be developing MTX and NEXUS togheter (inside one project). Later, when ready, I'll probably release them separetely for education purposes.
Meanwhile, you'll have to look after MTX inside NEXUS code. Nothing hard.

Posted by Mike Aeron 2011-05-13

Development freezed

The NEXUS UCS's development has been frozen due to the development of its user interface (MTX project).

I expect it will not take so long. If you take a look at MTX page you'll understand why:

Posted by Mike Aeron 2011-05-08