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What happened in Brazil?

I was looking at the download stats just now, and noticed a huge spike on 2nd October.

53 downloads just from Brazil on just this date. That's a record! But I can't help but wonder... What the hell happened there?!?

I'm used to seeing two or three downloads at times, and I know it's caused by IE8 and earlier, which refresh a page after you click the yellow bar, and thus cause a second number to appear when the user REALLY only downloaded the file once.... read more

Posted by boen_robot 2012-10-05

GitHub move and user behaviour

Despite the warning of the code being moved to GitHub, there seem to be a lot of downloads from here. I find that weird... but then again, all the better - SourceForge has better download statistics. If you want me to know which country you're from and which OS you're using, you might download the package from here ;-).

With that in mind, I've decided to keep up the download links here in sync with the packaged versions on GitHub, at least until GitHub makes their download stats better than just "N downloads". After that, I plan to simply remove the downloads module (which would inherinetly delete all files) and ask the admins at MikroTik's wiki to change the link to the GitHub page. I haven't done so yet exactly because of the download stats.

Posted by boen_robot 2011-10-16

Installable with Pyrus

Net_RouterOS is now a part of PEAR2

You can easily install the latest version with
pyrus install PEAR2_Net_RouterOS-alpha

I'm still somewhat reluctant to replace the download link though. The documentation is less complete, because I can't generate the tutorials anymore. I'll have to rework them into the Wiki first.

Still, the old tutorials apply, so... I encourage you to try this release.... read more

Posted by boen_robot 2011-09-27 Labels: PEAR2 Pyrus stability