What happened in Brazil?

I was looking at the download stats just now, and noticed a huge spike on 2nd October.

53 downloads just from Brazil on just this date. That's a record! But I can't help but wonder... What the hell happened there?!?

I'm used to seeing two or three downloads at times, and I know it's caused by IE8 and earlier, which refresh a page after you click the yellow bar, and thus cause a second number to appear when the user REALLY only downloaded the file once.

But 53 is well beyond that. The only reasonable explanation is that it was featured somewhere... a site, or a conference. I thought it was the latest MUM, but that was in Dubai, it occurred before this date, and the recordings aren't published yet, so that's probably not it.

If you're a Brazilian that downloaded PEAR2_Net_RouterOS on that date (or at least, around it), could you tell in a comment below (or really, anywhere...) where did you learn about it?

Posted by boen_robot 2012-10-05