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arm7 2011-10-15 Ray Haleblian Ray Haleblian [2f91c3] Remove dependence on dswifi, and fix DEBUG.
arm9 2012-02-20 Ray Haleblian Ray Haleblian [743a45] Change path to include.
data 2011-11-15 Ray Haleblian Ray Haleblian [f6afd3] Remove obsolete tests.
etc 2014-05-26 Ray Haleblian Ray Haleblian [fb1768] Make expat configure command more general.
include 2012-01-02 Ray Haleblian Ray Haleblian [079fca] Move all support libraries to local installation.
.bzrignore 2011-03-17 Ray Haleblian Ray Haleblian [ab3e3f] Add ignore rules.
.gitignore 2011-08-30 Ray Haleblian Ray Haleblian [ea6fc4] Ignore Linux flash image.
Doxyfile 2009-11-15 rayh23 rayh23 [32f851] Add comments and some reformatting.
INSTALL 2011-06-19 [95abf5] Update INSTALL.
Makefile 2011-10-02 Ray Haleblian Ray Haleblian [4361d7] whitespace only.
Makefile.Darwin 2011-03-17 Ray Haleblian Ray Haleblian [b9a7da] Split out platform make rules.
Makefile.Linux 2011-03-19 Ray Haleblian Ray Haleblian [c5dc96] Fix parse error and platform make rules.
Makefile.MINGW32_NT-5.2 2011-03-17 Ray Haleblian Ray Haleblian [b9a7da] Split out platform make rules. 2014-05-26 Ray Haleblian Ray Haleblian [3c6bd3] Markdowningismations.
eclipse.project 2011-06-19 [8074af] Remember configure incantation for desmume.

Read Me

Herein lies the source for dslibris, an EPUB reader for the Nintendo DS.


Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, OS X, and Windows XP have all been used as build platforms. Have:

  • devkitPro circa 2011-10-15:
  • expat-2.1.0, freetype-2.4.3, and zlib-1.2.8, built for ARM EABI.
  • a media card and a DLDI patcher, but you knew that.

To build expat, freetype and zlib, obtain the source tarball and see etc/configure-* for working configure incantations. zlib may require modifying the Makefile for cross-compiling. You may need to get the GCC tools in your PATH:


Installation is into $DEVKITARM.



dslibris.nds should show up in your current directory.
for a debugging build,

DEBUG=1 make




arm-eabi-gdb, insight-6.8 and desmume-0.9.2 have been known to work for debugging. See online forums for means to build an arm-eabi-targeted Insight for your platform.

More Info

ray haleblian