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Why i cant download all arts of basic land in many sets such as gatecrash, dragon maze, theros and so on? (also in this sets i dont see any basic lands)

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  • Anonymous

    Do they have basic lands for gatecrash? I don't see it in the list of cards for this set. What is the collector number?

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  • Theros lands, see screenshot. Gatecrash does not have lands

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  • SinXroid

    Prereliase lands?
    i have 2 rus foil plains from dragon maze (27-28 april 2013)

    and will we be able to add promo, prereleased, fnm and altered art cards in future ?
    and when i give tag foil to card i cant put number of foil and non foil cards i mean
    if i have 10 soldiers (e.g.) and 2 of them are foil, other 2 of them alt art and other 2 alt art foil, they all have different images (why we cant download our picture?) but in programm i see only 10 soldiers with tag foil, altered.

    Another question is about Collector. It shows percentage of cards you have in the particular set but in each language separately, and in the row with set name this number is united but is a sum of sizes of both set in languages (see attachment - Gatecrash). So if a set has 200 cards and i have in russian first 100 of them (with collector numbers 1-100) and in english another 100 cards(101-200) then so Collector will show me: 50% in russian, 50% in english and 50% at all, though in fact i will have the whole set, and for gamer it is more useful information, i mean in other way it is hard to know what cards you don't have in the set. May be it usefull to add a row called 'total', e.g., in which a percentage of cards according to their collector numbers will be presented for all languages in the set?

  • I would appreciate if you open a separate bug per issue, otherwise I cannot keep track of them.

    I am not sure what you mean by foil vs image vs promo. Foil cards are just regular cards marked with foil keyword in special column, they don't have different graphics.
    I don't keep my own database - it is all loaded from gatherer, if they don't have it I don't either. It is possible to add more cards (like promo) with links to external images using import feature.

    Regarding collection ignore language feature - I think there is a change request like this already, you can add your comment there. Can I close this bug?

  • SinXroid

    yes, of course, thanx for answers.

    • status: open --> closed


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