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Read Me

The Second Experimental Release

Simple text editor for editing multiple gettext PO files or key=value files in
parallel, scrolling through corresponding reference keys automatically. Purpose
of the program is to help reviewing existing translations comparing them to
other translations.

Jar created with Fat Jar (
Java must be installed to run (

More information:


 * 1. More extensive comparison methods
 * 2. Adding of entries from open model files
 * 3. Smarter highlighting -- better hightlighting when moving up with cursor???!
 * 3a. highlighting PO elements?
 * 4. File open dialogs?
 * 5. Some kind of report of differences?

Version history

0.0.2 The Second Experimental Release

	  Parsing and parallel scrolling improved
	  Now gets along with not very standard PO files
	  If MSGID has changed, tries to fit reference IDs

0.0.1 The First Experimental Release