Tree [r208] /

File Date Author Commit
 bin 2013-02-05 stanleyhuang [r186]
 libctb 2012-05-23 stanleyhuang [r149] Fixed serial communication issues on Linux
 postfile 2007-12-27 stanleyhuang [r79]
 Makefile 2013-02-13 stanleyhuang [r192]
 Makefile.sub 2012-05-23 stanleyhuang [r143]
 crc32.c 2007-03-27 stanleyhuang [r21]
 crc32.h 2007-03-27 stanleyhuang [r21]
 http.c 2013-03-10 stanleyhuang [r207] fix download speed limit issue
 http.def 2006-10-28 stanleyhuang [r1] Initial import
 httpapi.h 2013-03-10 stanleyhuang [r207] fix download speed limit issue
 httpauth.c 2013-01-05 stanleyhuang [r175] improve HTTP authentication
 httpclient.c 2013-01-18 stanleyhuang [r183]
 httpclient.h 2013-03-14 stanleyhuang [r208]
 httpd.vcproj 2013-03-06 stanleyhuang [r200]
 httpd_vc7.vcproj 2007-12-13 stanleyhuang [r77]
 httpd_vc8.vcproj 2008-08-22 stanleyhuang [r115]
 httphandler.c 2013-03-10 stanleyhuang [r206]
 httpint.h 2013-02-05 stanleyhuang [r187]
 httpmin.c 2007-12-04 stanleyhuang [r68]
 httppil.c 2013-03-06 stanleyhuang [r199]
 httppil.h 2013-01-04 stanleyhuang [r173] change socket link list to array for better per...
 httppost.c 2013-02-13 stanleyhuang [r194]
 httpserial.cpp 2013-01-15 stanleyhuang [r181]
 httpvod.c 2012-05-17 stanleyhuang [r139] change default web root path name to htdocs
 httpvod.h 2007-04-06 stanleyhuang [r44]
 httpxml.c 2012-08-01 stanleyhuang [r164]
 httpxml.h 2009-04-07 stanleyhuang [r122]
 miniweb.c 2013-03-10 stanleyhuang [r204] add download speed limit function
 miniweb.cbp 2012-05-23 stanleyhuang [r146] Fixed Linux build issues
 miniweb.sln 2012-07-13 stanleyhuang [r158]
 miniweb.vcproj 2012-12-27 stanleyhuang [r170] update VS project files
 miniweb.vcxproj 2013-03-09 stanleyhuang [r202]
 miniweb_vc11.sln 2013-03-09 stanleyhuang [r202]
 mpd.c 2008-03-20 stanleyhuang [r90] initial implementation of media server
 processpil.c 2013-03-14 stanleyhuang [r208]
 processpil.h 2013-03-06 stanleyhuang [r199]
 revision.h 2013-02-05 stanleyhuang [r187]