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Another Sony/Stutter Question

  • Jeff

    I have a Sony Blu Ray player.   Everything was working great with my old server running Ubuntu 11.04/32bit with a version of minidlna from a PPA - 1.0.22.   BDV player is hardwired.   Running latest firmware (firmware is same version as S370)

    I have built a new server running ubuntu 12.04/64 bit.   I've tried pretty much everything I can think of:
    -  repo version
    -  compiled 1.0.25
    -  patched 1.0.25
    -  ppa version 1.0.22

    I can not get mkv files to play without stuttering.   I'm almost ready to reload the server and go back to 11.04/32bits to see if I can get this working.

    Not sure what else to try.