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  • Posted a comment on ticket #106 on ReadyMedia

    I'd need at least the User-Agent from the HTTP requests coming from the app. If you...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #121 on ReadyMedia

    Thanks for the info on the browsing breakage, nymous. I've pushed a change to re-enable...

  • Committed [0845c2]

    tivo: Fix title and description escaping.

  • Committed [e165db]

    metadata: Properly escape episode titles from n...

  • Committed [ec1181]

    upnpsoap: Don't honor the NO_RESIZE flag for th...

  • Committed [f09f44]

    upnpsoap: Handle StartingIndex on magic containers

  • Committed [c1bb37]

    clients: Re-enable Samsung DCM10 flag.

  • Committed [663067]

    images: Set DCT method to JDCT_IFAST.

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