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Read Me

Some notes on the structure of the SVN repository

All of the MailManager code and releases is under the MailManager 
subdirectory. Each supported release will be maintained under the
relevant branch. Releases which are published to sourceforge's
file release system will be tagged. 

The 3rd party package directory contains the versions of 3rd party
software which are required for each release of MailManager. At
present the branches directory is unused, but in future the trunk
will be split so that known good versions of 3rd party software for
each MailManager release are held. The tags directory will store
any releases publised to sourceforge.

Note that the software in the 3rd party directory may have local
modifications on top of the vendor supplied code. 

Finally the vendor directory stores any 3rd party supplied software
in it's original form. 

        - branches/     Supported releases
        - trunk/        Mainline development
        - tags/         Published releases

        - branches/     Latest versions matching a MailManager branch
        - trunk/        Current latest versions
        - tags/         Published sets

        - branches/     Supported releases matchine a MailManager branch
        - trunk/        Mainline development
        - tags/         Published releases

        - projectname/
            - current   Latest version in the repository
            - <tagname> Specific tag for each imported version

For some reference notes for dealing with vendor tags, please see the svn
book at

Packages which can be used outwith MailManager are also stored separately
in this repository, for the benefit of any 3rd parties who wish to use the
code independantly.

        - branches/     Supported releases
        - trunk/        Mainline development
        - tags/         Published releases

Note that BlackholeMailHost should also be part of the 3rdParty products
distribution for convenience for MailManager users.