got it working!!!

  • geckopower

    its beautiful. its "only" taken me a week and a half.
    linux documentation is a joke.
    until the linux community changes their perspective on documentation,
    linux will stay a developers os.

    but it seems that we developers want it that way.

    man, the knowledge to get all those disparate tools and packages
    working requires more than a superficial knowledge of many different

    but then the sense of accomplishment afterwards is worth it.
    wouldn't want to take that away for others, but i made damn sure
    i documented for myself so that i don't ever spend another week and a
    half to get lxr up and running.

    - the documentation that comes with the lxr download is correct,
      but missing some crucial configurations
    -if you're using mod_perl with apache, make sure the mod_perl
    is working, test it out with a simple mod_perl script
    -every word in the INSTALL doc should be read literally
    -every word in the INSTALL may mean more than what you're thinking
    -its not a puzzle
    -you may need to use other installation documentation in addition to the
    INSTALL package

    good luck