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David Catt

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  • David Catt
    David Catt


    LocalServer is a small HTTP server that can be used to upload or download files to/from the host.



    To begin hosting, right click on the LocalServer executable and select 'Run as Administrator". A console window will come up, and will log the status of the server. To stop the server, close the console window using either the 'x' button or by pressing control+C.


    To browse files on the server, simply enter the ip address of the remote host in your web browser, using the url format "http://{ip-address}/C:/", where 'C:/' is the drive to begin browsing. If the drive is not found, an error will result. When browsing in a directory or drive, the server will output a list of all files and directories contained in that directory/drive (without recursing into subdirectories). To browse to a different directory, simply enter the path after the ip address in the url (eg. "").


    To download a file from the server, enter the path to the file after the ip address in the url (eg. "").


    To upload a file to the server, you will need to POST the data to the server. The posted data will be stored in the file specified in the url. If the file does not already exist, it is created; otherwise it is overwritten. To upload data from a linux machine, use the command "wget --post-file={local file} http://{ip-address}/{file-path}".


    • Portable configuration files
    • Graphical file browsing
    • Easy uploads
    • Password protection
    • Hosting only part of the file system, to allow for web hosting
    • Access control
    • File buffering and resumable downloads