#509 LMMS 0.4.14-rc1 on win32 xp AFP-preset

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LMMS 0.4.14-rc1 on win32 xp AFP-preset
I have found some odd behavior.
turning the AMP knob does no longer alter the graphic representation of amplitude of the wavefile. If the mouse then is clicked inside the graph-window, the amplification is -then- altered. The previous simultaneous response, is more logical.

It seams not to be possible to set the size between START and END to a value less than 20ms. This may be intended, but is it a good idea to make that limitation?

I managed to crash lmms, by repeated manipulation of the mouse up/down with left-mouse-key pressed (eg, stressing the new (neat) magnification feature), when the sample was already -in- its largest magnification. Kind of 'attempting to magnify above the samples largest/ full size.
I could only do that once. It may have been accidental

Should the blue 'action-beam' be a toggable option just like the channel-activity diode? iow: Does the action-beam consume any significant amount of cpu? -It looks lovely, but if it hog recourses, then perhaps it should be toggable?