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  • Modified ticket #31 on LMMS

    InstrumentTrack: Ignore "all notes off" in Omni mode

  • Posted a comment on ticket #31 on LMMS

    Please re-post at GitHub so we can discuss it.

  • Modified ticket #17 on LMMS

    split segments in instrument track (first draft)

  • Posted a comment on ticket #17 on LMMS

    No more feedback here. Feel free to send a pull request with an updated patch at...

  • Modified ticket #7 on LMMS

    Octave change with PC-keyboard

  • Modified ticket #38 on LMMS

    Add view menu to main window

  • Posted a comment on ticket #38 on LMMS

    Accepted via 96882f44d5e473e8efe5c2d5ed62e64c020e23ab

  • Modified ticket #13 on LMMS

    editable draft settings / undersample patch, revision 2

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